Baby Kitten Checkup Doc Mcstuffins Vet Clinic Center Real Life Cute Baby Kittens W/ Play Doh Girl


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2016-May-21 00:58:55
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You can purchase the toys featured in this video bly clicking the links below. Doc Mcstuffins Vet Checkup Center Doc Mcstuffins Costume In this video we have our cute little helper Play Doh Girl giving a checkup to her cute little kittens on her Doc Mcstuffins Vet Clinic Checkup Center. The kittens are only 3 weeks old and so adorable! We had so much fun making this toy review video with our cute baby cats. We need your help naming the baby kittens! Leave us a comment and give us some ideas for the kittens names. If you enjoy the video please LIKE-COMMENT-SUBSCRIBE and click the links below for more fun videos from Play Doh Girl and FUN FACTORY! Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE HERE! Baby Dolls Playlist! Fun Playlist! Twin Babies Baby Dolls Lil' Cutesies' Picnic Basket in The Park Peppa Pig MLP Fashems Toy Videos Check out our Friends Channel! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "HUGE Indoor PLAYGROUND Trampoline Jump Park, GIANT BALL PIT, Climbing, Slides, Games & Candy Store" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Shannon Fath
Shannon Fath 2017-Jun-29 05:20:54

I all mose past OUT of the cute nist

Wil H
Wil H 2017-Jun-15 17:10:12

Sunny and jack😹😻😽😹😻😽😹😻😽😹😻😽

Brooklyn Fox
Brooklyn Fox 2017-Jun-15 12:19:17

Maddie and jack

Wv videos
Wv videos 2017-Jun-15 01:09:09

the spotted one harmanie

LUPITA ESPINOZA 2017-Jun-14 21:50:44

the cat boy you can name it flufy

Frank Martin
Frank Martin 2017-Jun-14 21:02:14

The boy should be named Jose and the girl named emma

Priela Lugada
Priela Lugada 2017-Jun-14 12:47:16

Eizen and Georgia

CutesyLiv 121605
CutesyLiv 121605 2017-Jun-14 05:32:31

I subscribed

Rix Sitohang
Rix Sitohang 2017-Jun-14 05:28:16


Anastassi Uustal
Anastassi Uustal 2017-Jun-14 05:06:39

зачем мучить бедный котят ,мне так жаль этих котят

jaiden and jazmin McGriff
jaiden and jazmin McGriff 2017-Jun-14 01:29:05

girl gaby boy pumpkin

Julissa Cortez
Julissa Cortez 2017-Jun-13 22:40:21

the girl should be called Layla and the doy should be called gold

Harsh Loomba
Harsh Loomba 2017-Jun-13 14:00:30

can u name the girl Roxy and the boy Sylvester

Craig Donaldson
Craig Donaldson 2017-Jun-13 06:45:27

Plz name the boy kitten Toby

Saudi Ben
Saudi Ben 2017-Jun-13 02:53:57

There so cute 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

Asia Hart
Asia Hart 2017-Jun-13 02:40:40

I loved your kittens they were so cute 🤗☺🙂😀😁😂

Mayra Zecena
Mayra Zecena 2017-Jun-12 17:29:25

Lily and jay

Michael Zaradic
Michael Zaradic 2017-Jun-12 17:21:32

I think the girls name should be Bianca cuz it's my real name

Gina Clanton
Gina Clanton 2017-Jun-05 04:14:47