I sound stupid, but I saved a kitten.


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2015-Oct-20 01:26:49
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| kitty | cute | cat | skidmark | skids | motorcycle | moto | rescue |
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(For licensing / usage, please contact licensing@viralhog.com) 7/25/16 - This is the original video, there have been a lot of people lately (like... a lot) thinking I stole this video from someone, or reposted it from Inside Edition. Well, sorry. This is the original. Inside Edition bought usage of the video after they interviewed me at my house. As for any other channels that have this video posted, I don't know what to tell you. Check out the other videos of Skidmark I posted if you need some kind of proof. 12/31 - Follow Skids as he grows on instagram! http://www.instagram.com/skidstagram1 Added - 10/26 - To clarify, again, the red car absolutely, 100% did NOT throw the kitten out of the car. It is very hard to see in this video, but on my computer it is very clear, Skids came from underneath the vehicle. He was probably up there for warmth. So please, PLEASE! Do not initiate a witch hunt - the red car is NOT at fault here! Original - Still shaking! Thank you to the mystery lady that helped and all the people that paid attention and stopped, it was very appreciated. Kitten turned out to be a he, and is resting safely now. http://i.imgur.com/36U5Rkc.jpg Update - To answer some questions - - Named him Skidmark. - Keeping him for now. - Have tried to contact person in red car, but she was unavailable. Either to find out if Skids is hers, or to make sure she knows strays are chilling in her undercarriage. She has my number, and a summary of the incident, have yet to hear from her. Quick update video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2hIIzs9sRc

Baka Nugget
Baka Nugget 2017-Jul-26 21:21:12

Why arent you a goddess?

Lou Tizita
Lou Tizita 2017-Jul-26 19:24:00

Sweet leaf XD

emily 2017-Jul-26 12:39:28

Oh my gosh😭you are an amazing person !! If it weren't for you, she wouldn't be alive. Bless you!

cheher klai
cheher klai 2017-Jul-26 07:48:28

Sound stupid Why !!?
That was GREAT !!

Braden Kelley
Braden Kelley 2017-Jul-25 19:48:36

set up the kitten wasn't there until the truck went over it

Shadow Craft
Shadow Craft 2017-Jul-24 22:51:21

Your not stupid ok

The mlg Cubes reformed 2
The mlg Cubes reformed 2 2017-Jul-24 12:55:04

ıɬ ąıŋɬ ʂɬų℘ıɖ,ıɬʂ ʝųʂɬ ŋıƈɛ

Ayano Kazuko
Ayano Kazuko 2017-Jul-24 10:55:53

No you're not stupid, it's heartwarming to see someone save a kitten or cat's lives.

Princess Kitty the gamer
Princess Kitty the gamer 2017-Jul-24 07:31:05


Patches 2017-Jul-24 00:15:25

This video deserves a like.

Im Your Cat
Im Your Cat 2017-Jul-22 22:32:20

We in Philippines in the provinces we commonly see dead animals ._. I ain't proud.

Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris 2017-Jul-22 16:44:44

To the wonderful woman on the motorcycle who saved that kitten as countless heartless scumbag drove by. May god reward you for being human many many people have lost their humanity. However those same cold hearted dirt bags probably know everything about the kardasians and would lend them a hand if needed.3 out of 10 graduating college students think judge judy is a Jude on the supreme court.there probably the same mindless sheep who kept driving as that kitten just wanted a chance and to be loved.again thank you.you represent the best in our screwed up country

James Ultron
James Ultron 2017-Jul-22 09:00:56

Me : * hears the bike sound * DDDDAAAAMMNN that is a bad ass 😎
Me : * realizes it's a girl * OMG it's a Wamen ... HEEEEELLLLLLLL YEIIIIIIIIHHHHH 💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Kevine Senyoni
Kevine Senyoni 2017-Jul-22 00:27:55

Wow it's amazing

CoonShoot 2017-Jul-21 20:31:23

you can fry it with some veggies

Alexis H
Alexis H 2017-Jul-21 17:37:09

i love this woman such a superhero

Zeemas 2017-Jul-21 12:49:44

I think what she meant was her voice. You sound fine

Aj SimoNcE
Aj SimoNcE 2017-Jul-21 05:44:25

Ni lah minah rempit nmanya 😂 😂

Wraith450 2017-Jul-21 02:41:07

uh... why do people dislike this video... hello internet? jesus she's a hero

Scott Gill
Scott Gill 2017-Jul-20 23:49:21

why is the title called i sound stupid but i saved a kitten like if you agree