It’s Happy Hour at Coke


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2017-Jan-09 12:18:24
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| coca-cola | kenya | #tastethefeelingke |
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Grab yourself an ice-cold Coca-Cola and #TastetheFeelingKE

technical guy
technical guy 2017-Jun-21 08:42:51

you are copy cat

jh arthur
jh arthur 2017-May-06 12:49:35

blessing church songs

akshay kumar
akshay kumar 2017-May-06 11:50:07


Ehsgs Hegge
Ehsgs Hegge 2017-May-06 08:07:09


ALEX CHACKO 2017-May-06 08:01:23

🇮🇳 💐💐💐

carmen xavier
carmen xavier 2017-May-05 19:48:54


nids nids
nids nids 2017-Apr-21 02:36:15

does it mean that he was drinking and it was going in her stomach?

Anayive Bastidas
Anayive Bastidas 2017-Apr-21 00:44:56

hola coca cola eres cada día un mundo nuevo de refrescante y creativa forma de saborear la vida

Janet Koroma
Janet Koroma 2017-Apr-09 13:50:56

this is so nice

Pierro Smit
Pierro Smit 2017-Apr-08 15:44:34

she farted and gave away a coke to say sorry? so funny

Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior 2017-Apr-02 02:16:23

shantii mirone
shantii mirone 2017-Mar-30 21:28:32

I only came here for the guy

Muku Mia
Muku Mia 2017-Mar-29 10:48:34

odd ads

Munyai Freeman
Munyai Freeman 2017-Mar-26 20:06:28

ooh my fridge is full of coca cola

Magarida Viera
Magarida Viera 2017-Mar-24 21:08:51


Truth N Eyez of Beholder
Truth N Eyez of Beholder 2017-Mar-16 20:52:30

Please post the UK vs. KU basketball-coca cola commercial. I want to share it with friends who may not have seen it. Thanks in advance!

Phineas Starter
Phineas Starter 2017-Feb-26 07:47:27

He didn't make the slightest attempt to look for his coca cola before asking the lady. There is even a huge fridge with coke right next to her. What is this rubbish

Millie Odhiambo
Millie Odhiambo 2017-Feb-06 12:21:52

what's her name? anyone? people keep telling me we look alike

Maxinator Rex
Maxinator Rex 2017-Jan-29 19:42:12

Can someone tell me the name of the actors in this commercial?

abdulahi abdiqadir
abdulahi abdiqadir 2017-Jan-23 07:47:03

whats the songs name in the back ground