👑 10 Things I HATE About My BMW!


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2016-Nov-26 18:00:04
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10 Things and More that i hate about my BMW! From The Keys, To the looks to being one of the worst drivers in a BMW when im on the road. To the roadrage that it fills me with when im driving the BMW! I Give my full review on why i dont like my BMW and play on some of the stereotypes that BMW Drivers seem to get! Why does being a BMW Driver make you a bad driver? Watch and see! Song Used In VLOG: Joakim Karud - Canals https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud SUBSCRIBE TO GASKINGSVLOGS CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpa6Kv_U6FAfCqDYp54AAAg ------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe Now: https://bitly.com/SubscribeToGaskings ------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit our website: https://gaskings.com Visit our shop: https://shop.gaskings.com Find us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/gas.kings Find us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gas_kings Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gaskings/ -------------------------------------------------------------------

Gaskings 2016-Nov-26 18:04:12

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kilian skaisgirski
kilian skaisgirski 2017-Apr-24 19:50:56

mmhh i would like to have this as first car.

Szlávik Opálenik
Szlávik Opálenik 2017-Apr-24 12:30:28

You're a stupid man.

Pea Nut
Pea Nut 2017-Apr-24 08:47:43

Jesus fucking christ this guy is a total twat

desmond slabberts
desmond slabberts 2017-Apr-23 18:53:48

reset the car

Pajas Gaming
Pajas Gaming 2017-Apr-23 18:45:18

you can be angry

Pajas Gaming
Pajas Gaming 2017-Apr-23 18:44:24

you make the car sad

gaming rambo
gaming rambo 2017-Apr-23 15:11:38

f#uck you

Tox1cGre3n 2017-Apr-23 11:22:47

Give it to me if you don't like it lul.

Graza 2017-Apr-23 02:27:24

Guys, this guy is only looking for attention lol. He knows how good of a car it is, hence th camera angles etc.

He is actually joking.

He loves the car.

Wesam mohamed
Wesam mohamed 2017-Apr-22 17:45:51

how much you want to sell it for?

Nicolas Nikitakis
Nicolas Nikitakis 2017-Apr-22 16:57:20

2,5 minutes of my life wasted on this bloody moron...

Nicolas Nikitakis
Nicolas Nikitakis 2017-Apr-22 16:55:55

Bollocks! You are an idiot! If you proper maintenance the car you have no problem at all.

Krasimira Dobreva
Krasimira Dobreva 2017-Apr-21 11:46:57

dikke bmw

Krasimira Dobreva
Krasimira Dobreva 2017-Apr-21 11:46:20


Murica 2017-Apr-21 02:33:04

Lel my dad bought a 2006 525i brand new had it for 5 years put 200,000 miles on it and never had a problem, loved it every day he had it.

Gerechtable 2017-Apr-20 19:07:54

How can u fool even own a bmw? lmao

YEM r.a.s
YEM r.a.s 2017-Apr-20 02:02:38

you seem dumb sir ;)

David Littlehales
David Littlehales 2017-Apr-20 01:25:45

get a honda

Christopher Sietses
Christopher Sietses 2017-Apr-19 20:50:55

E60 is Damn ugly!🤢