The all-new BMW 5 Series Sedan. All you need to know.


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2016-Oct-13 09:10:22
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Feature overview: 00:09 Highlights 00:23 EXTERIOR DESIGN 00:40 Front: Active air stream kidney grille 00:52 Side view 01:10 Rear view 01:32 Lightweight 01:52 Engines 02:25 Integral Active Steering 02:44 Adaptive Driving Mode 03:13 Highly automated driving: Driving Assistant Plus 03:20 Steering and Lane keeping assistant 03:32 Crossroads Warning 03:54 INTERIOR DESIGN 04:20 Car interaction: iDrive, gestures, touch, voice 05:00 BMW Display Key 05:09 Remote Control Parking 05:22 Light package and sound system 05:48 BMW Connected Be one of the first to discover the all-new BMW 5 Series. The seventh generation is equipped with the latest assistance systems, an unmatched degree of connectivity and a new and innovative operating system. It also takes another step towards automated driving with extended functions for the optional Active Cruise Control (ACC) system and Steering and Lane keeping assistant. From rest to 210 km/h (130 mph), the car can relieve the driver of acceleration, braking and steering duties, as desired. The optional Remote Parking system allows the BMW 5 Series Sedan to be manoeuvred into even the tightest parking spaces remotely using the car key. In top specification, the all-new BMW 5 Series displays navigation, telephone and entertainment features, plus vehicle functions, on a high-resolution 10.25-inch screen. The system can be operated using the iDrive Controller, by voice command or gestures, or by touching the display controls directly, as the driver wishes. All the engines in the 5 Series Sedan line-up belong to the newly developed, modular BMW EfficientDynamics family of power units. Also to come in March 2017 is a BMW 5 Series Sedan with plug-in hybrid drive system, in the form of the BMW 530e iPerformance. Watch the video about this car here:

ahmad hadi
ahmad hadi 2017-Apr-23 14:03:48

Change the dashboard design, it's what really ruins a good car like 5 series.

Ndivhuwo Ndou
Ndivhuwo Ndou 2017-Apr-15 13:59:21

What music do they call that when at the end of the video ? someone help

Brian Lee
Brian Lee 2017-Apr-03 20:13:59

Quick question, and it's about the powertrain, will the new 5-series still have an I6 engine?

Nutshelle 2017-Apr-03 11:54:06

Just went n test drove it,quite not bad i'll say in terms of comfortness.

Antoine Pillot
Antoine Pillot 2017-Apr-02 19:11:56

rien a changer, c'est la même qu'avant

moi tout seule
moi tout seule 2017-Apr-01 13:21:37


sallahuddin123 2017-Mar-30 03:45:54


Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas
Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas 2017-Mar-29 21:08:01

the all new bmw 5 series sedan all you nee to know castel

Wipsplash 2017-Mar-29 20:08:35

They had it right with the E39 and have ruined it ever since.

Giacomina Spinelli
Giacomina Spinelli 2017-Mar-28 16:37:31


Game lady
Game lady 2017-Mar-27 18:45:49


wrestlermud 2017-Mar-25 13:33:12

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Alexander Atkinson
Alexander Atkinson 2017-Mar-24 06:27:11

Pals curtain Anyone know larger than this version

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James Finieco
James Finieco 2017-Mar-22 02:45:14

I have it nice car

Jose Ortega
Jose Ortega 2017-Mar-20 23:59:48


Nil P.
Nil P. 2017-Mar-19 13:36:51

and no android auto...

Fadil Prince
Fadil Prince 2017-Mar-12 17:29:30

it is amazing

Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson 2017-Mar-12 00:15:20

Yes, just one thing "LOTTO!"

Mad Music Mafia
Mad Music Mafia 2017-Mar-09 13:57:58

Mini 7Series or a 3Series on Viagra,not sure.