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2017-Jan-11 10:29:27
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Chris Harris drives the new BMW M2 and the BMW 1M on track Watch the full video at

Bradley Lawrence Media
Bradley Lawrence Media 2017-Jul-07 09:55:44

This is insane! love... it...

Rodrigo D.
Rodrigo D. 2017-May-07 23:13:02

Calvin excellent car reviews. May you please help me make a decision: I have an M3 E90 2.009 6sp 17.000 miles and have the chance to buy a 1M 2.012 with 6.000 miles for U$ 20.000 + M3, what should I make? Can´t afford to have both, should stay with one.

Thomas Christopher White
Thomas Christopher White 2017-Jan-29 11:54:20

Chris, I hate disliking your videos. But you're better off having your own show, may it be on youtube or some tv station. This is sad. They're using you as a marketing material. And since the grand tour is out you know no one's watching top gear. I bet my left nut that even you're watching the grand tour instead of top gear. Me and I guess I can say the same thing on behalf of everyone, that we miss seeing you do you.

John Falkenstine
John Falkenstine 2017-Jan-19 02:56:02

These shorts are too short and function like click bait. NOT a good idea.

Dan Hickey
Dan Hickey 2017-Jan-16 12:07:12

Mate, why are you turning your Channel into a collection of advertisements? You're better than this! You don't need Top Gear, Top Gear NEEDS YOU! Ditch the bitch ; )

bunta951 2017-Jan-16 11:39:31

top gear web site SUCKS !
its quite painful to acess and watch a video on it from france !
I am even not able to select quality, so obliged to watch on 320 on full screen !

Mike R
Mike R 2017-Jan-15 21:58:14

Fuck off with the top gear adverts - bye bye

joegaliano 2017-Jan-13 10:19:24

c'mon chris! make new videos with neal!!!

ewt415 2017-Jan-13 02:39:19

Seriously don't know why you guys are complaining, the videos on Top Gear are free too. Just takes a few more minutes to get there.

Alex Haigh
Alex Haigh 2017-Jan-12 15:37:42

What a pointless video

tanafc96 2017-Jan-12 15:00:12

Disappointed with the direction this channel has gone especially considering how much the subscribers helped

Forrest Slater
Forrest Slater 2017-Jan-12 08:51:12

1M was so hot when it came out.

Austin Vinson
Austin Vinson 2017-Jan-12 06:11:05

what is this shit?

Paul Brenneman
Paul Brenneman 2017-Jan-12 05:18:17

Deeply excited for you Chris! Keep up the great work

Justin's Pit Lane
Justin's Pit Lane 2017-Jan-12 04:14:13

I feel like I saw this video already on Top Gear? Are they just advertising them here for more exposure? Like, I don't think this is new...

Nick Gruber
Nick Gruber 2017-Jan-12 04:03:52

it makes me cringe when they drift every corner

Miguel Nadal
Miguel Nadal 2017-Jan-12 03:13:40

Dont upload 1 minute videos

Elycius M.
Elycius M. 2017-Jan-12 02:14:54

The 1M is just way too ugly in my opinion.

Mkai0 2017-Jan-12 01:41:20

I like your content Chris, but see you later with this half-assed shit.

BoundlessUA 2017-Jan-11 19:59:10

Song name?