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2017-Jan-11 10:29:27
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Chris Harris drives the new BMW M2 and the BMW 1M on track Watch the full video at

Thomas Christopher White
Thomas Christopher White 2017-Jan-29 11:54:20

Chris, I hate disliking your videos. But you're better off having your own show, may it be on youtube or some tv station. This is sad. They're using you as a marketing material. And since the grand tour is out you know no one's watching top gear. I bet my left nut that even you're watching the grand tour instead of top gear. Me and I guess I can say the same thing on behalf of everyone, that we miss seeing you do you.

John Falkenstine
John Falkenstine 2017-Jan-19 02:56:02

These shorts are too short and function like click bait. NOT a good idea.

Dan Hickey
Dan Hickey 2017-Jan-16 12:07:12

Mate, why are you turning your Channel into a collection of advertisements? You're better than this! You don't need Top Gear, Top Gear NEEDS YOU! Ditch the bitch ; )

bunta951 2017-Jan-16 11:39:31

top gear web site SUCKS !
its quite painful to acess and watch a video on it from france !
I am even not able to select quality, so obliged to watch on 320 on full screen !

Mike R
Mike R 2017-Jan-15 21:58:14

Fuck off with the top gear adverts - bye bye

joegaliano 2017-Jan-13 10:19:24

c'mon chris! make new videos with neal!!!

ewt415 2017-Jan-13 02:39:19

Seriously don't know why you guys are complaining, the videos on Top Gear are free too. Just takes a few more minutes to get there.

Alex Haigh
Alex Haigh 2017-Jan-12 15:37:42

What a pointless video

tanafc96 2017-Jan-12 15:00:12

Disappointed with the direction this channel has gone especially considering how much the subscribers helped

Forrest Slater
Forrest Slater 2017-Jan-12 08:51:12

1M was so hot when it came out.

A V 2017-Jan-12 06:11:05

what is this shit?

Disturbed Grey
Disturbed Grey 2017-Jan-12 05:18:17

Deeply excited for you Chris! Keep up the great work

Justin's Pit Lane
Justin's Pit Lane 2017-Jan-12 04:14:13

I feel like I saw this video already on Top Gear? Are they just advertising them here for more exposure? Like, I don't think this is new...

Nick Gruber
Nick Gruber 2017-Jan-12 04:03:52

it makes me cringe when they drift every corner

Miguel Nadal
Miguel Nadal 2017-Jan-12 03:13:40

Dont upload 1 minute videos

Elycius M.
Elycius M. 2017-Jan-12 02:14:54

The 1M is just way too ugly in my opinion.

Mkai0 2017-Jan-12 01:41:20

I like your content Chris, but see you later with this half-assed shit.

BoundlessUA 2017-Jan-11 19:59:10

Song name?

pHilli0 Liquid & Ragga Drum n Bass
pHilli0 Liquid & Ragga Drum n Bass 2017-Jan-11 19:47:25

such a shame Chris is on topgear. we used to get incredible long thought out vids that had a purpose. now we get 1 min pointless vids that attempt to get a topgear view. either topgear need to give chris the lead role and change the format majorly or chris should get out. both unlikely and sad for it.

Paddy McQueen
Paddy McQueen 2017-Jan-11 18:06:54

Chris Harris is the only man in the world capable of drifting two cars at the same time... immense skills there ! xD