Holographic Touch Interface in a CAR? - BMW @ CES 2017


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2017-Jan-10 14:00:26
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Thanks to BMW for sponsoring this video! The ultimate future of automobiles blends the autonomous experience seamlessly with a pure driving experience. This is BMW's vision for how that might come together... Follow: http://twitter.com/linustech http://facebook.com/linustech Join the community: http://linustechtips.com

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2017-Jul-23 16:20:47

I can just picture someone watching porn on the back screen while people are passing by

Divan Visagie
Divan Visagie 2017-Jul-22 11:57:34

That audio tech could be interesting in a plane.

winnie damayo
winnie damayo 2017-Jul-15 12:11:41

reading while watching movie .awesome..

DarkRoxas 2017-Jul-15 00:58:22

Welp..... it would be great only if the car wouldn't cost 100.000€....

Elijah The Truth
Elijah The Truth 2017-Jul-14 08:18:06

BMW selling cars with pounds of the Mary Jane under the seat?
Time to trade in the Audi

Tadeáš Varga
Tadeáš Varga 2017-Jul-12 12:39:45

I'm just wondering, how this kind of "car" fits in the future world. Because of growing population, that has more and more cars, the land will be smaller and place to park your car starts to shrink very rapidly. Having all these features in a car causes, that it will be size of minibus. And that should be car to transport 4 people max? Traffic jams will be 3 times longer with cars like this. As a thought it's cool, but I just can't imagine the implementation in the real world...

master mind
master mind 2017-Jul-10 15:17:02

all im seeing is future visits at our dealership when shit dtarts glitching and customers telling me we made a shit car.

Bob By
Bob By 2017-Jul-10 15:17:02

Cool video. But imagine how much data we are going to give to authorities and companies. Privacy will be a thing of the past. I hope its gonna be optional to be controlled by a computer in the car or everywhere else in the future.

I AM PROMETHEUS 2017-Jul-06 19:35:24

I want this car now.

I AM PROMETHEUS 2017-Jul-06 19:32:25

bmw for life.

Lalatendu Swain
Lalatendu Swain 2017-Jul-05 12:28:04

Wow , Luv It

skankhunt 42
skankhunt 42 2017-Jul-03 03:00:21


Jeff Word
Jeff Word 2017-Jun-29 07:43:11

this is cool and hope it will become true soon

leonard racagni
leonard racagni 2017-Jun-24 01:27:35

american stupid

gaurav kumar
gaurav kumar 2017-Jun-22 10:03:33

as always Germans have over done it

Deinish ™
Deinish ™ 2017-Jun-21 16:46:15

i stick with my e34 till i become a organ donor.

JesuSS 2017-Jun-20 19:34:04

welcome to the future bois. we made it. now wheres my jetpack.

JasonSt 2017-Jun-20 14:01:26

i hate autonomous cars.. i love driving!!!

OJ Music
OJ Music 2017-Jun-20 11:25:59

the holographic speaker array unbelievable!!

south3rnson 2017-Jun-19 23:52:33

sounds to skynet I'm out