Holographic Touch Interface in a CAR? - BMW @ CES 2017


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2017-Jan-10 14:00:26
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Thanks to BMW for sponsoring this video! The ultimate future of automobiles blends the autonomous experience seamlessly with a pure driving experience. This is BMW's vision for how that might come together... Follow: http://twitter.com/linustech http://facebook.com/linustech Join the community: http://linustechtips.com

Luis Pena
Luis Pena 2017-Apr-26 01:02:53

but, can it drive?

SydneyDylanSlimezzz VLOGS
SydneyDylanSlimezzz VLOGS 2017-Apr-23 13:45:42

Did BMW just steal Corning's Idea of gorilla glass??!!!!!?!!??!

James Wildes
James Wildes 2017-Apr-21 18:47:05

Its going to take a lot of time and money and politing to get this all done. if its just a car with all that gear minus the auto driving then its quite cool.

IIIRotor 2017-Apr-21 11:38:34

makes me kind of wonder how big exactly Tesla's "Road-Data" already is, and at what rate it is growing... sounds like some big bucks are a potential there...

Evan Hartfield
Evan Hartfield 2017-Apr-18 20:47:41

So much automation. I almost feel like when the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 pushed the motion controls too hard to a client base that didn't want it.

I want to get to enjoy driving a car. I want the excitement of being behind the wheel. I want all the tactile responses of the controls. I'm totally on board with changing fuel types from gas to electric, and simplifying under the hood, sure. But keep me feeling like I'm still driving a car, please

Bannerz 2017-Apr-15 16:14:35

I NEED to go to CES 2018...

Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 2017-Apr-14 06:48:01


Pug z
Pug z 2017-Apr-07 06:58:25

until we have johnny cab... "shit" will always be yr destination...

Braydetron 03
Braydetron 03 2017-Apr-04 13:52:52

yes, but can it run crysis 3???

Oscar Wild
Oscar Wild 2017-Apr-04 10:47:44

The girl at is really pretty.

Cryptic 2017-Mar-26 21:41:46

So does Anyone know how long it will be until this car is purchasable?

CamoKing 2017-Mar-22 21:48:09

will the cpu be amd or intel

me nefcanto
me nefcanto 2017-Mar-19 11:01:44

Year 2050
Human: Car, take me to
grandma's house.
Car: STFU as*hole. I've met a pink car. We're going there, on a date. You better be polite.

Vlad B
Vlad B 2017-Mar-18 08:39:07

pfff, give me a break. It will take BMW a century to progress to that level lol

Khoi Trieu
Khoi Trieu 2017-Mar-18 02:07:53

Remember when we were little and old folks told us to not sit so close to the TV? How about we say fuck that and put a giant ass TV in the backseat of the car right in front of our faces, that'll show em.

Hindu Mithren007
Hindu Mithren007 2017-Mar-14 16:26:06

yo dude your voice is different??

Mind Yours
Mind Yours 2017-Mar-11 23:14:43

This car is for those that live in the deep deep deep upper class of the suburbs. A place that's no just a gated community but a town that requires massive government clearance for the richest and brightest. Being your day to day person could not drive a vehicle like that around. Not because of a theft or security risk, but because of the energy consumption, replacement parts, and region for which it's allowed to travel. It seems fully electronic. Meaning no one can actually help you fix your vehicle in a normal area if it were to malfunction. Only certain regions would have such facilities established just far that specific car needs.

IAMDAVEAMI 2017-Mar-10 21:48:52

these gay car people ar elike 15 years behind this tech on auto car driving
and there like 50 year ahead of this commingng out HAHHAHAHA WTF!!!

THEPOWER99FM 2017-Mar-09 14:30:10

that is all good until some one steals your car then you are screwed no doors on the car no locks weres the security features

jvirg 2017-Mar-09 06:20:21

is automation really a good idea? What happens when everything becomes automated? Will there be anything left to do?