10 Pokemon That Actually Exist In Real Life


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2016-Aug-17 21:29:02
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Kanpuriye 2017-Jul-25 09:20:01

At the number 3 - an audio end up saying number six '6'

Victor Savage
Victor Savage 2017-Jul-21 05:19:35

Did you ment number three magikarp

HEX gaming
HEX gaming 2017-Jul-17 12:10:02

oh so you get all of them right exept Caterpie really like if you think CATERPIE LIVES MATTER

eevee player
eevee player 2017-Jul-16 11:48:21

I'm glad the drouzy was not eating dreams and the real pikachu was so cut

CyborgMonkey36 2017-Jul-15 21:29:19


jada bey
jada bey 2017-Jul-15 08:50:47

editor capital greatest suffer smoke bottom shoot theater.

Kristian Brandt
Kristian Brandt 2017-Jul-15 00:29:37

I'm curious, exactly how are pitcher plants "very dangerous"?

Ice Cream friend
Ice Cream friend 2017-Jul-14 22:02:50

it "cater_pee"

Ajaneyaraju Jagadabi
Ajaneyaraju Jagadabi 2017-Jul-13 10:12:21

He said that caterpie instristist like caterpee

Scorpion GETTHEFUCKOVERHERE 2017-Jul-12 16:14:02

Who knew that Emolga was based off what they said

Valencia Richardson
Valencia Richardson 2017-Jul-11 18:26:36

this video is nothing but clickbait

denise stanton
denise stanton 2017-Jul-09 14:34:07

it's pnonst catspee

Beast Bros
Beast Bros 2017-Jul-08 17:18:12

I know Pokemon go

Desmond Dont care
Desmond Dont care 2017-Jul-08 06:57:21


Anita Sompotan
Anita Sompotan 2017-Jul-07 20:05:58

Emolga you look FAB

ShinyPikachu184 2017-Jul-07 14:55:37

1st thing i thought was magikarp

himanshu verma
himanshu verma 2017-Jul-07 12:54:41

druwsy nose is looking real 😉

kite21 2017-Jul-06 12:18:14

Nice information

Ashley Lovell
Ashley Lovell 2017-Jul-06 02:29:48

I wish he would've said what type of frog that was. Frogs are my favorite animals and I would so love to have a picture of this one. :)

candy cat
candy cat 2017-Jul-05 05:54:01

him: pronounces caterpie like cater-pie
me: yells at screen: ITS CATERPIE NOT CATER-PIE
its pronounced caterpe