Drake - Trust Issues


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2016-May-04 17:07:48
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Trust Issues (Official Audio) Produced by Adrian X & Noah "40" Shebib

Leonardo Henrique
Leonardo Henrique 2017-Jul-23 05:37:04


H.Cruzz10 2017-Jul-21 07:28:26

Why the fuck isn't this on iTunes smh

RondoKash 2017-Jul-20 07:31:51

One of Drakes classic songs 😤

Sierra Hagy
Sierra Hagy 2017-Jul-19 18:48:15

I have been having alot of trust issues here lately (:

Blue Dolphin
Blue Dolphin 2017-Jul-19 18:01:40

One of my favorites

kenz. doe
kenz. doe 2017-Jul-19 07:25:08

u know wat I'm sippin
ill teach how to mix it😍

rizk marshall
rizk marshall 2017-Jul-18 07:14:29

Love this stuff and make me gonna antisocial my life love be alone without other shit beside of me lol really love this

LanaDelRey VEVO
LanaDelRey VEVO 2017-Jul-12 21:51:50

abels version is betta

tay davis 2
tay davis 2 2017-Jul-12 04:33:35

you know you that nigga when have a song with then a further song... I'm all one because it's own song 💯

TeamART 2017-Jul-10 22:47:39

This song is from bryson tiller

galaxy gabby
galaxy gabby 2017-Jul-10 02:28:21

Who is watching in the year 2020

Reynaldo Munoz
Reynaldo Munoz 2017-Jul-09 04:20:25

Drake = kanye

The Buu Is Real
The Buu Is Real 2017-Jul-08 12:09:49

I love it when drake saying let's called up 😎

Chafik Boumehdi
Chafik Boumehdi 2017-Jul-08 11:32:22

I frankly have liked this song of Drake more than any of his! 😊

Kelly Ray
Kelly Ray 2017-Jul-08 06:10:59

still slappin in 2017

top waves
top waves 2017-Jul-07 05:53:34

2017 ???

YoursBlanca 2017-Jul-06 16:34:26

Idc what anyone says drake is gold

Sneaky Sergio
Sneaky Sergio 2017-Jul-05 23:57:30

This song has the same lyrics as drakes part of the song I'm on one by dj khaled

nobody 2017-Jul-05 13:17:17

i want this to be on spotify wtf😭

Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 2017-Jul-05 05:45:25