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Publish Date:
2017-Jul-24 13:47:42
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APileOfNatalie 2017-Jan-27 08:56:48

If i got peer pressured to do that I would smash the bottle on the table or someones head XD

Karen Griselda
Karen Griselda 2017-Jan-27 08:08:55

Brandy is such a JERK AND SUCH A NEED TO

Unanui Hoffmann
Unanui Hoffmann 2017-Jan-27 02:52:38


Lightskawaii 2017-Jan-27 01:39:25

idk why YouTube put this in my recommended like I don't need to be in a relationship THANK YOU YOUTUBE

The Scales
The Scales 2017-Jan-27 01:26:19

It's not that awkward

Gamer Riley
Gamer Riley 2017-Jan-27 00:57:10

That boy is ok but that girl ....,, ewwwww

Marlanie Geschwister
Marlanie Geschwister 2017-Jan-26 16:08:49

That's so sweet

The Waking Cow Msp
The Waking Cow Msp 2017-Jan-26 07:57:53

I search up goats and i found this in my recommendation bar thing, i must be a preety fucked up preson

Ansta Noah
Ansta Noah 2017-Jan-26 07:14:22

who is that little girl name ???

EliPlaysMC Gaming
EliPlaysMC Gaming 2017-Jan-26 06:10:50


larco ragneedy
larco ragneedy 2017-Jan-26 04:27:27

G Piedad Villalpando
G Piedad Villalpando 2017-Jan-26 04:24:41

name a movie

larco ragneedy
larco ragneedy 2017-Jan-26 04:22:42

Milena Isabal
Milena Isabal 2017-Jan-26 02:57:34

In my class people think they were in a relationship until it got to the serious point were they went to the bathroom together ( talk about gossip)

Ella Sansolis
Ella Sansolis 2017-Jan-25 22:37:55

Ugh god

Pink Guy
Pink Guy 2017-Jan-25 20:08:53

wtf is this it seems like Jared from subway made this skit.

sneezy mic nuggle
sneezy mic nuggle 2017-Jan-25 12:45:19

I was watching a film about something important, how the fuck did I get here

Miss Kacie
Miss Kacie 2017-Jan-25 07:49:17

i have my first kiss at a boy when i was 6 yrs old

Pep Tart
Pep Tart 2017-Jan-25 00:43:58

I did this one and I hated this shit she bit my lips

don martin
don martin 2017-Jan-25 00:40:39

cool video