[FFBE] Mercedes 6 Stars - Honest Unit Review FFBE Unit Spotlight


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2017-Jan-12 04:07:54
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Mercedes is everyone's favorite Pirate in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Find out about her pirate etiquette and her potentials as a 6 stars level 100 unit in this honest unit review spotlight. Yarr, Her Trust Master reward be Vikin' Axe. 'tis be a strong axe rockin' 125 ATK as well as addin' water element to ye physical attacks. Although most units do not have th' ability to equip axe naturally, equip AXE be extra accessible via th' piles 'o lani that all ye pirates gets. Do you want to see your favorite unit reviewed? Leave your request in the comments! Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=zisspire Twitter: https://twitter.com/zisstv FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

Nicholas Hebert
Nicholas Hebert 2017-Jul-08 16:29:12

she's stil undoubtedly s+ Rank character, the aquian killer does help a bit, it was just weird for a water base character to have, and sea kings chop is sooo good. use flare with terra if you need to weaken peoples water resistances but she will hit aqua monsters harder than the rest still. I use her warcry in the arena now with max 6 star luneth chizuru cecil and terra, shes a team buffing single target/ barrage damage character, and a really good one at that. if I had oleander id replace her but I dont.

Big T
Big T 2017-May-18 18:53:55

Hey Ziss bro, question, What do you think of Mercedes now that she has her awakenings? I could her combined with Zyrus doing some serious damage if she was awoken. Thoughts?

Swoosh 2017-Apr-26 05:17:41

When first started this game I pulled a mercedes and I've been leveling her up since she was the best unit I have summoned. I'm close to leveling her up to 6 stars until I pulled a chizuru haha. Looks like she's gonna stay at 5 stars for awhile

Hugo Ali
Hugo Ali 2017-Mar-13 07:05:52

Isnt Siren a water resistance esper?

Quikscythe 2017-Feb-03 11:36:34

That cheesy ass outro got me to subscribe god damnit

ang sleeper
ang sleeper 2017-Jan-28 09:35:47

I can see her casting magic. In those quests that need water damage

CapTrainT 2017-Jan-22 12:15:29

Are you going to do one for Dangerous Ariana?

Emmanuel Ladejobi
Emmanuel Ladejobi 2017-Jan-21 21:01:13

Vanille review, please!

totszwai 2017-Jan-20 15:43:03

Where is that anime/drawing of Mercedes?? Source?

Catherine Mitchell
Catherine Mitchell 2017-Jan-18 00:48:52

I don't know why I've only just thought about this... but you sound Finnish...

Ash Williams
Ash Williams 2017-Jan-17 07:28:33

... Then ... Wow. Keep Rewinding And Forwarding When Paused. Mind Baffles. :3

Zeo Dark
Zeo Dark 2017-Jan-17 07:20:55

How did you get 2 weapons on Mercedes without the duel wield TM?

Ash Williams
Ash Williams 2017-Jan-17 07:20:53

Looks At The Picture At Wait! Does Mercedes Looks THIS Kawaii? WTF?!

Ziss! Where Do You Get These Pics From?! First Roselia, Then Chizuru, AND Now Mercedes! :O

MrDrunk46 2017-Jan-15 13:13:38

Got a question, why are some 6star attacking 2x per round like mercedes 8x barrage oO

Neu8 Subaru
Neu8 Subaru 2017-Jan-15 02:41:29

Unit review for Gilgamesh?

Lee Chee Kean
Lee Chee Kean 2017-Jan-14 08:54:14

out of topic question: Where did you get the animated art of the respective units? (chizuru, mercedes etc)

Iron Salem
Iron Salem 2017-Jan-14 01:31:18

Nice review. i might work on leveling her.

also. I want that art of mercedes for... reasons. if possible.

DarkFrozenDepths 2017-Jan-13 16:43:25


(and a damn sexy one too....)

Graum 2017-Jan-13 14:59:45

Is the fanart image actually Mercedes? Cause I can't find it on google... and I want it to be saved forever in my hidden areas on my computer heeheehee

Ernesto Ruiloba
Ernesto Ruiloba 2017-Jan-13 02:46:29

Can you do one of this for luka?