Morning Relaxing Music - Positive Feelings and Energy (Adele)


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2016-Apr-18 15:33:34
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Raul Hernandez
Raul Hernandez 2017-Jul-26 00:26:05

I am saved

Sharon Rita
Sharon Rita 2017-Jul-25 04:05:04

This great,,it has uplifted me spiritually.I'm ready to kick off the day with great enthusiasm.

Ember Singson
Ember Singson 2017-Jul-25 03:32:36

really loved this music helps me to relax from bordeness and get.inspired again. thanks a lot

Arnold hare
Arnold hare 2017-Jul-25 01:00:06

so sweet

Samiya Mohamed
Samiya Mohamed 2017-Jul-23 12:33:30

so good3

Samiya Mohamed
Samiya Mohamed 2017-Jul-23 12:32:28


Kasai 6790
Kasai 6790 2017-Jul-22 19:28:16


Danuta 2017-Jul-22 05:30:56

Thank you! Beautiful music..:)

Darly Eden Navarroza
Darly Eden Navarroza 2017-Jul-22 03:05:54


Video4all 2017-Jul-20 05:40:09

Your songs are so nice to listen, I appreciate your chanel and love watching your videos 👍

Stephaney Kostenko
Stephaney Kostenko 2017-Jul-18 01:24:59

so relaxing and I can read

Djavidian Mx
Djavidian Mx 2017-Jul-17 13:16:40

My serenity and escape from all the annoying people I have to work with.   Come to think of it, it's also their serenity escape from the annoying person they have to work with!

Armin Schräbler
Armin Schräbler 2017-Jul-16 07:17:44

Energie ist weder negativ noch positiv erst die Richtung die wir ihr geben entscheidet darüber, Musik kann Gefühle verstärken und löst somit eine Reaktion in uns aus...deswegen finde ich die rivhtige Musik zur richtigen zeit ist sehr hilfreich

sampsin Goodman
sampsin Goodman 2017-Jul-16 01:32:02

This is really nice and it's relaxing OCB relax music please in the future ad this toon to another vid please. Can you?

HOT HOT 2017-Jul-13 06:32:28

Nice music

sampsin Goodman
sampsin Goodman 2017-Jul-13 01:08:14

This helpful to me...

Vera 2017-Jul-12 15:58:47

Thanks it's nice!

Aniceto Garcia
Aniceto Garcia 2017-Jul-12 15:35:07

honestly I Feel like I am in the Paradise. relax meditation and silence

Luis Maturana
Luis Maturana 2017-Jul-11 23:33:23

Gracias ✌✌✌🌅

mads enoksen
mads enoksen 2017-Jul-10 02:02:19

So beautiful and I getting more positive thanks so much it's helping so much I'm so happy 😁