The Weirdest One-Off Mercedes: S600 Royale


Too many questions, too few answers. What we do know is that this thing took design cues from a number of cars, parts and styles from the 50-60s. Nobody is really sure who owns this car too. My Gear: Sony AX-53: Circular Polarizer: Microphone: Gopro 1: Gopro 2: Laptop – DSLR: Lens: _______________________________________ Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook:

Nikhil Pawa
Nikhil Pawa 2017-Jul-20 12:23:41

this car reminds me of the Caesar salad. created off of left overs.

Steven Cox
Steven Cox 2017-Jul-20 12:09:45

Utterly hideous from every angle

Eltontv 2017-Jul-15 17:49:23

ugliest mercedes i have ever seen

Med Bukenya
Med Bukenya 2017-Jul-13 23:51:57

stupidly bueatiful the paint job and sliverlining not only that it has parts of famous cars put together

Nihad Gulamović
Nihad Gulamović 2017-Jul-13 18:02:36

I bogati i siromašni voze konzerve na 4 točka !?

Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma 2017-Jul-09 05:35:11

u may call it wierd , but i like this car , its so classy , love that chrome on it.

Yvanka Garcia
Yvanka Garcia 2017-Jul-08 10:24:24

I like how in the beginning of the video when you parked, you tried to sneak your BMW in the video real quick.

urza almighty
urza almighty 2017-Jul-03 12:57:20

This is a Chinese copy of Maybach

Asad Zaman
Asad Zaman 2017-Jun-28 13:15:16

I just found my favourite car in the world 🌎 what a Beautiful Elegant piece of machine. That car is 💯% just me!. Absolutely 100% me Regardless what anyone thinks or comments of me. I live my life I don't live for others but I do care and love others 💞❤️💜✨

Arthur Berner
Arthur Berner 2017-Jun-26 20:07:04

Made in China

Reisen mit Ramón Patrique
Reisen mit Ramón Patrique 2017-Jun-23 07:14:51

looks very good =)

Иван Федорович
Иван Федорович 2017-Jun-22 13:15:22

This is true maybach and isn't just maybach ... gorgeous.

Kon Sol
Kon Sol 2017-Jun-19 08:48:31

bizim sikik ülkemizde de sahibindende falan şahine bile "tek" yazıyor beyin hücresini siktiğimin vatandaşları.

Faisal Zahid
Faisal Zahid 2017-Jun-13 18:47:28

weird looking but beautifully finished!

Hypebeast 6
Hypebeast 6 2017-Jun-11 15:47:26

looks like a puzzle of mercedes pieces... personally.. its ugly

Matthyssen hennessey
Matthyssen hennessey 2017-Jun-09 21:51:25

the positive part iis that there's only one in the world

Chris Cornelio
Chris Cornelio 2017-Jun-09 20:21:54

Kinda ugly but I like it.

Thotbreak Kid
Thotbreak Kid 2017-Jun-09 02:14:56

the Scaldarsi Emperor is wayyyyyy sexier than this.

tudo podjhou
tudo podjhou 2017-Jun-07 18:34:05

Its look better than a rolos royce plantou

Mr Miguel
Mr Miguel 2017-Jun-06 04:59:50

looks like a hyaundai