The Weirdest One-Off Mercedes: S600 Royale


Too many questions, too few answers. What we do know is that this thing took design cues from a number of cars, parts and styles from the 50-60s. Nobody is really sure who owns this car too. My Gear: Sony AX-53: Circular Polarizer: Microphone: Gopro 1: Gopro 2: Laptop – DSLR: Lens: _______________________________________ Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook:

David Chacón
David Chacón 2017-Apr-21 19:53:58

SLS front lights and W115 grill??? WTF???

Michael Bing
Michael Bing 2017-Apr-20 18:18:15


Who made it: Galpin Auto Sports
Is it a mercedes: NO.... its on a bentley chassis, with loads of modifications based from different mercedes models

oh, btw...... it is fucking ugly!!!

Mark Anthony Gonzales
Mark Anthony Gonzales 2017-Apr-16 11:59:02

its like the body of the bently mulssane and more parts of Marcedez SLS AMG

Mark Anthony Gonzales
Mark Anthony Gonzales 2017-Apr-16 11:57:52

its like the SLS

༼NP༽DΣvιlшλlκ 2017-Apr-04 15:52:23

just your casual g63 passing by

Lambochaser 2017-Apr-03 00:15:04

It really is ugly and amazing all at the same time.

Lambochaser 2017-Apr-03 00:13:23

looks like. Cadillac CT6 and Chrysler 300

indra bendi
indra bendi 2017-Apr-02 13:29:36

thats car look so exotic,, damn nice

Talal Shaikh
Talal Shaikh 2017-Mar-30 12:26:15

this car is the pure definition of the word: ridiculomindfuck (ridiculous + mind fuck)
but hey, to each 'is own

flawmore 2017-Mar-30 10:08:29

You can like it, or you can hate it, but it's super well put together. A piece of art.

Niko Strohmann
Niko Strohmann 2017-Mar-29 15:05:58

Im glad that there is no Mercedes-Benz sign on the car... poor car.

Carmelo Catalano
Carmelo Catalano 2017-Mar-27 14:49:11

it is not a mercedes

92kosta 2017-Mar-26 13:33:37

It's fugly.

Chief Denis
Chief Denis 2017-Mar-26 00:29:46

that guy's casing the joint

tracey saunders
tracey saunders 2017-Mar-25 21:27:38

I really don't know what to make of it??? It's not one thing or the other???
Strange looking I guess. Bet it cost silly money and in my opinion a waste of money!!
As a big merc fan I just don't seem to be able to like this car. Thanks man.

Stan mute
Stan mute 2017-Mar-25 17:42:51

If you'd been smart enough to capture the VIN then many of your questions could have been answered.

eddiepoole 2017-Mar-25 17:04:14

was ist das?

B 2B
B 2B 2017-Mar-25 14:03:15

this car looks gay

Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 2017-Mar-24 17:02:54

Ugly as shit.

ßaron 2017-Mar-23 19:21:26

I'm so freakin confused by it I don't even know if I hate it.