Lil Wayne - How To Love (Shazam Version)


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2011-Aug-25 04:57:35
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Music video by Lil Wayne performing How To Love (Shazam Version). © 2011 Cash Money Records Inc.

Julie Castillo
Julie Castillo 2017-Jul-24 05:06:38

I love this song😍😘

bryan labelle
bryan labelle 2017-Jul-23 23:41:32

Ms Carterr (L)

JOHNNY TAYLOR 2017-Jul-23 19:21:56

nasty ass kiss

Jaylee Herring
Jaylee Herring 2017-Jul-23 12:42:20

2017 still my favorite song

Luis Aguilar Hernandez
Luis Aguilar Hernandez 2017-Jul-23 10:05:31

Wayne da goat

heyyyits _babiK
heyyyits _babiK 2017-Jul-23 06:24:15

I cried so hard

aidreen 2017-Jul-22 19:38:19

6 years ago. Felt like it was just 6 months ago when i heard and loved this. Time flies as a ray of light . . .

Hayzel Sherwood
Hayzel Sherwood 2017-Jul-22 17:50:11

love this💕

Patricia Nunez
Patricia Nunez 2017-Jul-22 08:27:35

Its 1am in the morning and I'm getting the feels

Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes 2017-Jul-22 07:19:48

I fell sad for the baby and mom

Alicia Brown
Alicia Brown 2017-Jul-22 01:13:35

"the fact that you saw the world affected your decisions"

Sacha Thompson
Sacha Thompson 2017-Jul-21 11:06:15

😢this song is so catchy I love the part when he says umm

CAM Brown
CAM Brown 2017-Jul-21 10:15:47

I didnt know i would cry to lil wayne. Sob i still listen to this every day

FaZe Luck
FaZe Luck 2017-Jul-21 06:03:21

What the man do to the kid

Tuggee Kennedy
Tuggee Kennedy 2017-Jul-21 03:38:15

i Love theis song :)

Prizzo Hann
Prizzo Hann 2017-Jul-21 02:34:11

Love yourself. Nobody's gonna do that for you.

O0oPARISROSEo0O 2017-Jul-21 00:41:45

This is so sad, but i'm glad that even some of the most hardcore rappers can express the bad things that happen sometimes and that life can bring you down a lot, but people deserve better.

"I just want you to deserve the best your beautiful..."

Blackley J
Blackley J 2017-Jul-20 22:36:34

Lil Wyne is sooo.. talented.

Divya Prakash
Divya Prakash 2017-Jul-20 18:11:08

how to love ?

BvEdits 2017-Jul-20 16:52:22

whos watchng this in 2017