2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know


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2017-Jan-09 03:03:48
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Lou M LL
Lou M LL 2017-Jul-15 04:52:16

I love this car except those stupid protruding, round odometer/speedometer. I hate them. Not just the Mercedes, Ford, GM, Subaru and a whole slew of brands do exactly the same thing, why? It's hard to keep them clean and it's annoying. Other than that, it's gorgeous.

Steven B2
Steven B2 2017-Jun-07 06:17:11

It's sad that to keep the sales up they had to make it look like a Subaru.

משה מזור
משה מזור 2017-Apr-21 14:00:35

חברת מרצדס מזלזלת בלקוחות שלה בכל המכוניות בארץ אין תרגום לעברית למה ?? וגם המולטי מדיה לא בעברית אני לא מבין למה

Jaguar 2017-Apr-09 14:57:44

Big junk for lots of money
Never buy those cars
Better spend money on new Opel Insignia ( Buick Line)

Miss. Jr. GodisGood
Miss. Jr. GodisGood 2017-Mar-30 05:59:11

i have a lexus rx 300 drives great....But also the GLA 250 2017 💘 it....Different but nice and fast....💕💕

Jeff Horberg
Jeff Horberg 2017-Mar-18 10:41:39

as long as SHE like it... it good e-nuff 4 me ...HEHE

משה מזור
משה מזור 2017-Mar-03 22:33:04

בכל השפות יש תרגום על האוטו הזה רק בעברית אין למה בישראל מוכרים לא מעט מכוניות מרצדס בושה לחברת מרצדס בישראל כל מוביל מזלזלת בלקוחות שלה וחבל

LexusboyLS 2017-Mar-02 00:33:52

Nice close up of her face.

B On
B On 2017-Jan-17 22:40:53

Why still stick with the cheesy "looking" tablet on dashboard?

WQQKIE 2017-Jan-13 17:37:59

I wanna look at her interior

Andy P
Andy P 2017-Jan-11 07:17:44

the GLA 45 is 381 horsepower just like the 2017 model not 375 as quoted by the rep

Hasco De La Vega
Hasco De La Vega 2017-Jan-10 21:58:39

hate the wheels. it looks cheap

Keith Newton
Keith Newton 2017-Jan-10 21:28:36

will some explain how this can be a 2018 car in January 2017 this car goes on sale in march 2017 so it's not a 2018 car by any stretch of the imagination

Jazdi Eco
Jazdi Eco 2017-Jan-10 15:09:55

Mercedes needs to get rid of the old buttons used for controlling the infotainment, which should be by the way brought on par with the more expensive models. Also, at least a hybrid powertrain in 2017 wouldn't hurt.

Mercedes-Benz Driver
Mercedes-Benz Driver 2017-Jan-10 11:40:13

Beautiful car, looks amazing!

Mandeep Panesar
Mandeep Panesar 2017-Jan-10 08:16:29

what about the 360 degree parking camera as an option?

the horsepower she quoted on the 45 model is incorrect. it is 381 horsepower not 375... the 2016 model was 375 I think.

her knowledge is so out of date. she probably only spends time on the e and s class models HahHahaha

it is hardly different to the 2017 except it has LED lights in favour of bixenon and a bit of different styling. apparently also the ride height is raised a bit more for better offloading (I assume on the non AMG version )

Hamid Ghazi
Hamid Ghazi 2017-Jan-10 07:04:36

This shit needs to be enlarged not that useless face-lift. It barely fits people over 160 cm

Timothy Hsu
Timothy Hsu 2017-Jan-10 06:05:36

MAKEUP LOOK, A/C fan not appealing.

PDB123 Vlogs
PDB123 Vlogs 2017-Jan-10 01:06:59

Hold on, hold on, a Mercedes without a standard backup camera???